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Game In what

Game In what Game In what We Trust Discuss with children, in what the person can believe in love mothers and fathers, friendship, nature, books, toys, fairy tales etc.

Then children get up in a circle, the teacher throws to any of them the ball also asks it In what you trust?

The caught ball has to answer, in what he believes, for example, in love of mother, and to return a ball to the teacher.

The following child to whom the teacher throws a ball, has to at first to explain why his friend believes in love of mother, and then to tell, in what he trusts.

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Discussing First of all, teach the child to keep selfchecking in slozh ?

ache situations.

Think up together with it a way, which on can to it.

For example, to make a deep sigh and to count to to ten; to tell about itself ten times any phrase, napr measures it does not matter.

Discussing a fight with the child, do not judge who was right, and who vi ?

novat as children always consider right themselves.

Do not encourage in children of a yabednichestvo.


Lift the child's selfassessment.

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Drawing Draw

Drawing Draw Present that the Snowball is your dog.

Think up for it also tell different instructions how it will carry out theM. Give the example from life confirming that greedy a forehead the century in final total always loses.

V Written work What magic gift from this fairy tale most of all to you ponra curled?

Write the fairy tale how you received this gift and as it to you helped to become happy.

Drawing Draw the Snowball from the fairy tale.

The friend for money you will not buy The kind friend is dearer than money, And riches huge too, And palaces, and even throne, And with crown diamonds!

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In addition, we give

In addition, we give What do You mean?

I mean that up to years the child is still possible to change something, and then it is virtually impossible.

In addition, we give in return?

We must create a system that would meet the needs of adolescents, but based on other cennostyah Human development from to The system must be new, or you can use the one that exists now?

You can use one that is, I'm not familiar with it.

Teen included in it.


Perhaps we can get into it and start cunning and mind modify it so that adolescents are not recognized and are not moved away from us.

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How many

How many In total multicolored, all shines on the sun.

Began to distribute Akkaniydi to people of berry, stones and pearls.

How many will distribute, all pussycats are full of it.

She began to teach girls and women to decorate with oven patterns yes kang .

They come to it, show the work, and it dotro is been not present by a hand to a pattern and there is it still to a krasha.

Will kiss the girl in a nose, it will be rubbed by a cheek about a cheek and will tell At times itself make not worse!

Girls put on the decorated clothes and run to look sya in pools whether it is good, beautifully?

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